And Then It Hit Me

Is it just me, or is the 2nd day after a bike crash always more painful than the first day?

Or is it just if you throw in a Ramble (or 2/3 of one) during that first day?

Woke up this morning aching all over and during the night I finally felt the pain in my neck and shoulders that I had been expecting all along. All of this is very mild on a ‘pain scale’ and isn’t limiting me in any way. I just found it a bit odd that it would take so long to appear.

Riding on the right hand today was slightly better than the previous day. I can put my weight across the full palm on the top bar, since the vibrations don’t hurt as bad. And although it is still swollen up, the discoloration is beginning to fade.

The ride in to work was supposed to be easy, and I did my best to make it so. The 20mph headwind did it’s best to make it not so, but unlike some other bloggers I have ready lately, I have no ego problems when it comes to using granny gears on flat ground. (The Fat Cyclist, in case you were wondering who I was referring to). I was determined to make this an easy ride, even if it meant going Hog Pen slow on a 0% grade.

SloMo has always been full of shite when he says it, but when I say ‘easy spin ride’, I actually mean it.

After work was the same agenda… super easy. This time I had a tailwind of 20+ mph gusting up over 30, and I’m pretty sure the only reason I pedaled at all was to move my feet trying to keep my balance in the gusts. I shoulda worn the HRM because I’m pretty sure it would have been a record low. I only lifted my average from 15 to 16 mph which means my ride home – even in winds that strong – was only 17 mph! Usually when you get a tailwind like that I want to hammer and fly at 30, 35 or even faster, but there’s a unique sort of feeling about using as little energy as possible and still moving across the ground at 20mph. It’s kinda like floating.
Post ride Cindy and I needed a grocery run and used it as an excuse to go to Bob Evans for my favorite Multi-Grain Hotcakes. Awesome pre-ride food in my opinion. Only problem with Bob Evans is that we now have to drive PAST the Piqua location to get to the one in Troy. That’s how bad the service and quality is in town, and I’ve heard of other people who say the same thing. Sad. But we wanted the better produce at Meijer instead of Kroger anyway.

One more day of easy spinning and then it’s show time. I got my eyeglass mounted mirror yesterday and tried it out on the Ramble and then again today, getting used to it. Ever since a rider was killed out there at Calvin’s, they require a mirror. I’m very glad I found this out last week instead of showing up without one.

Quite honestly, I don’t think I’ll make a habit out of using one. It was kinda nice on the commute today. But I didn’t have the backpack. It was useless yesterday because the pack is too wide. I also didin’t like it on the Ramble. Seems to me that on group rides, there’s too much distraction due to the close proximity to other cyclists. In any case, I’m more than willing to use it on the TT and it even makes sense when riding out on wide open roads on my own. No need to look back and I can stay positioned and focused on the job at hand.