Wrapping Up May

Following the Liberty Ride, the blackout, and the trip to the hospital, I ended up having a fairly light final week of May. By light, I mean ride/run activity. The end of the month was anything but light because in just a few short days, I would be moving into a new place. The end life on of Donnybrook Ct. and the edge of Bent Creek Forest was getting close. It’s interesting how you can plan something like a move nearly three months out, then wait and wait and wait… making arrangements like mail and utilities and stuff, but not seemingly getting any closer. Then all of a sudden you come home from a vacation and BAM!… the next big life event is suddenly upon you.

Hmm… maybe I should have started packing sooner?

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Does It Count As Bike Commuting If…

… you get a ride in a car both before and after the commute? I guess since I make up all my own rules, I can make up this rule… yes, it does. I covered 30 miles by bike on a Sunday; that’s a commute. It just a commute that didn’t start or end at home. Then again, the riding I was doing wasn’t really “commuting’, no matter where I started from.

I just did it on my “commuter” bike.

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Bike of the Irish – 2013

On St. Patty’s Day I rode into town on the commuter to do a crawling, parade-like community group ride through the streets of Asheville, sponsored by Asheville on Bikes. They put on a number of annual ride events throughout the year, this one called Bike of the Irish, which as you might guess, has a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Despite having lived here for nearly four years, this is the first time I’ve ever done an AoB event.

It really ain’t my kind of thing.

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Shut-In Training: The Final Piece Of The Puzzle

After another rest day on the Friday after Double Dare, I headed over to the NC Arboretum to get a look at the final piece of the Shut-In puzzle: the first three miles. This was mostly a gravel road climb up to the top of Hard Times Rd. and the Blue Ridge Parkway, where the actual trail portion of the Shut-In race begins. I have ridden all these roads before, although only once or twice. And I had never run them. I wanted to get an idea of how long it would take to get to the top so I could estimate time, both for Julienne as my support crew, and for my own race strategy. My guess without having ever done it before was 30-35 minutes.

Bet ya can’t guess how this is going to end.

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July Gone By

Well, it seems I have managed to let the blog get so far behind I can’t even remember the rides. I’m looking at the SportTracks software and I can see all the data, the elevation profiles, and the maps of where I rode, but on quite a few, I have can barely recall any of the details. Much of it is a blur. July was a challenge to say the least.

Work deadlines, birthday celebrations, self inflicted wounds, family health issues… you name it, it happened in July.

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“I didn’t even see you” ~ It is not an excuse.

Before you freak out, no I wasn’t injured. It wasn’t even all that serious of an accident. But, the first day I went for a ride after the BRP trip, I did have a collision with a car, right here in my own neighborhood. I bounced off the car and onto the road. I got up, got back on the bike and continued my ride. Whereupon mother nature decided to add insult to (minor) injury and hit me full force with a major temper tantrum.

To say it wasn’t my day would be an understatement.

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“Taper” Two: Week One

I’d call this past week a taper week, but it would more accurately be labeled an “I’m In So Much Pain This Is All I Can Do Week”. Anderson Half Iron is approaching rapidly. A three week “taper” may seem too long, but it really isn’t a taper so much as recovery week from Avl. Half, then a huge century, then recovery week from huge century, then a “Do Whatever The Hell Feels Good” week.

Here’s a brief (for once) summary of how Week One went down.

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From 4th To 1st in One Week

There may be a little jealousy going on in the bike room recently. I’ve ridden a little over 600 total miles so far in 2011 – on four bikes. I’ve only owned the Tricross for a week and 211 of the miles are on that one. Roubaix 171, Bianchi (trainer) 150, Rockhopper 78. Since the average speed on these bikes varies greatly, I should probably look at total time spent with (on) each: Tricross 17 hours; Roubaix 12; Rockhopper 8.5; Bianchi 7.5.

Whew.. that last one is a relief. I’d hate to think I’d spent more time on the trainer than the MTB!

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