Wrapping Up May

Following the Liberty Ride, the blackout, and the trip to the hospital, I ended up having a fairly light final week of May. By light, I mean ride/run activity. The end of the month was anything but light because in just a few short days, I would be moving into a new place. The end life on of Donnybrook Ct. and the edge of Bent Creek Forest was getting close. It’s interesting how you can plan something like a move nearly three months out, then wait and wait and wait… making arrangements like mail and utilities and stuff, but not seemingly getting any closer. Then all of a sudden you come home from a vacation and BAM!… the next big life event is suddenly upon you.

Hmm… maybe I should have started packing sooner?

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I Rode Big George’s Wheel

OK, so I’m gonna gush here a little bit about something that probably isn’t that big a deal. But I thought it was really cool, so bear with me. Last Sunday I went down to Greenville for a benefit ‘Ride With Big George Hincapie’. This is the third in what has become an annual event. I didn’t realize until just before the ride that I know the beneficiary of the first ride two years ago. Thea, who is now an employee at Motion Makers, was severely injured in a mountain biking accident. This year was a little bit different. The donations received from a road ride with Big George, including a silent auction, are going to help fund, of all things…

…mountain bike trails.

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Stubborn Cold Or No, I’m Back On Plan

I know the average cold lasts about two weeks, and I’ve only had this one for 11 days, but I’m getting damned tired of it. If I were really sick, it would be one thing, but I don’t FEEL sick. Right up until I try to get some exercise, that is. Despite the ongoing stuffy head and chest congestion, I have finally started into a structured winter training and nutrition plan.

Because I got on the scale and it said 177… that’s why.

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Wherever I May Roam

So much has happened in the past few weeks that I can’t even begin to figure out how to tell the story. Whatever follows is the best I can do. Of course it’s long, but this is a pretty big deal. Huge in fact. The hugest thing I’m ever going to write about on this blog. For some time now I’ve been dropping hints that something was up in my life. But other than a Twitter update or three, and a few briefer-than-normal posts, I haven’t said much in my journal at all. With good reason.

The time has come to just spill it.

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Dentist or Taxes: Which Sucks More?

“Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The follow-up to that would be: “Post a whiny rant about the crappy run you had, and a handful of your friends will offer support.” Or at the very least.. will offer smartass replies that make you laugh. Thanks for the support and votes of confidence, either directly through comments or personally. I tried to make my frustration at least a little bit funny with the goofy little icons. Probably didn’t work. The slow motion tantrum one cracks me up.

What have I done since then? Absolutely nothing.

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Lanterne Rouge Baby!

What the hell happened to Astana/Contador today? I mean… I know, but I don’t know. Don’t tell me… I still gotta watch the stage.

In any case, I was checking out just how sucky my sucky teams have done in Fcycle’s Paris-Nice competition. No where near the podium. No where near the top 10. In fact, my best placed of three teams isn’t even in the top half! Heh. Just call me After dominating last years Giro, I haven’t done a thing.

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TotLZ & A Big Fat Zero

I’m not sure which of today’s events was better. Was it today’s Tour of California Stage, which I think I may now rename the Tour of the Levi Zone. Seriously.. it took quite a bit of effort to manage to watch the whole thing. The DVR dropped on me just before they turned off the PCH. Not sure why. I guess it went way longer than they scheduled or did Dish Network screw up? Don’t know. But the Premium membership I have from CyclingTV paid off . I logged in, loaded up the ‘as live’ and skipped right to the part where Dish had left me hanging. The price of the subscription was worth just this one viewing. Anything else this year is gravy. Oh, and Magnus Bäckstedt is doing commentary. Quite amusingly I might add.

20 minutes after the stage was over, my heart rate still hadn’t come down. So what could be better than Monday’s race?

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Is it just me, or was Sunday’s Stage 2 of the Tour of California just about the craziest day of bike racing ever? [EDIT: BTW.. I actually meant Stage 1 and Day 2… Versus still hasn’t learned how to designate the stages of a multi-day bike tour, and I went by what they incorrectly called Stage 2.]

Tour of the Twilight Zone

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Delivery Friday

A week or so ago, I had a ride to work that I described as just about Perfect. Not worth writing about, because nothing noteworthy happened. That didn’t stop me from writing about it anyway. Today, something else happened. About 5 minutes after I got to work, I was hanging up my cycling clothes and stowing my other gear when I stopped and looked around, mystified.

How did I get here?

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