Wherever I May Roam

So much has happened in the past few weeks that I can’t even begin to figure out how to tell the story. Whatever follows is the best I can do. Of course it’s long, but this is a pretty big deal. Huge in fact. The hugest thing I’m ever going to write about on this blog. For some time now I’ve been dropping hints that something was up in my life. But other than a Twitter update or three, and a few briefer-than-normal posts, I haven’t said much in my journal at all. With good reason.

The time has come to just spill it.

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Tell me if this sounds like an overly aggressive day of training: 10 mile casual ride to work. 10 mile casual ride home. 3 mile path run. 1600 meter swim.

Please remember this is me we’re talking about.. in case you aren’t a runner or swimmer (or a cyclist for that matter).

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So what exactly is the deal with this physical therapy stuff? How is it that I’m seeing an ortho and going for therapy when I’m not exactly ‘injured’. Or if I’m injured, how and why am I doing things like riding back to back centuries, 100 mile time trials and climbing mountains in northern Georgia? How am I going to use this to get myself to the IMFL start line in November and, more importantly, to the finish line some number of hours later?

Good questions. I’m not sure I have good answers, but here’s an update on where I am and what I know. I’ll start from the beginning in case anybody missed a chapter or two.

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I Fought The Wind, And The Wind (thinks it) Won

Holy crap what a ride I had Saturday. Record high (tied at Columbus airport) temps brought 15-20 mph winds with gusts up to around 30. I had thought briefly about riding to Yellow Springs to meet up with Kathy and Dan for a few miles and then return home. That would have been no less than a century, which I would have dubbed March Madness. At about 4AM I decided that would be too much and I’d probably blow Sunday’s run plan. As it turns out, I only did half a century, and blew my run plan anyway.

But that may turn out to be a good thing. Battling the wind brought a lot of dark thoughts, but also quite a bit of clarity as well.

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Resolutions Are So… 2009

Ahh.. the first of a new year. Time to set up the inevitable New Year’s Resolutions. Those things you know you should do, want to do, try to do, start out doing for a little while, and then ultimately abandon, to be followed by some brilliantly conceived rationalizations as to why they can’t be done or shouldn’t have been attempted in the first place.

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About the same time I was at the side of the road overlooking the ??? river, changing a flat tire on day two of CFC, I had gone past 9000 miles on the year. CycliStats is now predciting my total milage will be 12,000+. Stands to reason. It’s a simple calculation based on miles ridden and time remaining in the year. 9 of 12 months down. 9000 of 12000 miles. What CycliStats does not do is analyze trends over time. Low mileage months should be estimated as such. I’m actually kind of surprised it doesn’t. WeightWare predicts weight fluctuations based on previous trends. For example: if you tend to be higher in winter, lower in summer, it will take that into account. So it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to design the other program to do the same.

In any case, things should start winding down. Triathlon training starts tomorrow. I’d take a break, but with only .6 miles to run and 400 meters to swim, it’s hardly going to be epic. Riding will get a break. Other than Tuesday evening, I have no ride plans but commutes for the coming week. Covered Bridge is this weekend and that’s the only planned ride I have for the whole month of October. I am dropping the Millersport 200k, which I had added at the last minute. After CFC I’ve had enough. More on that to follow, but Saturday was probably the worst I’ve ever felt on a century, and definitely the worst this year. Sunday was quite a bit better, but still very hard. But overall the weekend was great. Jim and Dan were good company and we had a lot of fun, both riding and off the bikes.


With the last real ‘event’ on my calendar being Cheat, and the last Ramble having come and gone, I’ve decided it’s time to start sandbagging. There’s a lot of hard riding that could be done in September, but I ain’t gonna be the one doing it. If anybody is of the same mindset, and wants to join me in the Groupetto, great.

Highlander and CFC are difficult by virtue of their length and verticality, but beyond that, it’s play time. I actually started play time early, as soon as Mayhem was over. The last Ramble was the one exception. Wednesday was not only the last Ramble, it was the first night I had to put a light on the bike to get home. That means it’s fall, regardless of what the calendar says, and it’s time to switch gears (pun intended).

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Milage Chart Fun

Was lookin’ at my YTD miles and comparing them over the past 5 years since I started road riding. It’s kinda fun to look at the graph and see various ‘events’ jump out of the image. No prizes for figuring out what the nearly vertical blue line is from.


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Seven in Seven (+1)

Hit 7000 miles on the year today. That’s 7000 in the first seven months of the year, plus one day since this is actually August.

That’s the first time I’ve ever had as many k miles as months in the year. One person in particular would probably say, “been there, done that, got the T-shirt, ho hum”, but I think that’s kinda cool. More significantly is how I got to this point. I am 500+ miles ahead of this time last year, and at the end of March I was 700+ miles behind. Which means I’ve done a 1200-1300 mile turnaround in 4 months. More than 300 miles per month extra.

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Goodbye July

Whew… what a month. It ended on a relatively light note with a comfy and slow ride to work and back. The wind kept kicin’ up on my way home and I responded by gripping the bars, gritting my teeth, and resolutely… slowing down more and more. hahaha. No epic efforts for me today. The more it blew the closer I got to 13 mph. Didn’t even make a 16 average on the day.

I also jipped myself out of a mile on my total for the month. I said 1533 but it ended up only 1532 (point 5). As if that made any difference.

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