DietPower… Revisited

After I went on the Helen, GA trip and climbed Brasstown Bald in 2007, I weight somewhere in the upper 180s and it climb was so hard I had to walk ‘The Wall’. After that trip I swore I would not go back the next year unless I dropped at least ten pounds. I didn’t just drop ten pounds. I dropped 25. I didn’t make it back to Helen the next year, but I did manage to drop all the way down to 156 pounds by the following April, the same amount I weighed when I graduated high school. Over the course of the summer of 2008 I maintained that weight and got down as low as 152 pounds.

Ever since then I’ve been going back up. Slowly, but up is up.

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Stubborn Cold Or No, I’m Back On Plan

I know the average cold lasts about two weeks, and I’ve only had this one for 11 days, but I’m getting damned tired of it. If I were really sick, it would be one thing, but I don’t FEEL sick. Right up until I try to get some exercise, that is. Despite the ongoing stuffy head and chest congestion, I have finally started into a structured winter training and nutrition plan.

Because I got on the scale and it said 177… that’s why.

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Swim & Ride

Gonna try writing a short post. I finally got myself a membership at Franklin Health & Fitness. Had just enough time to get in 1000 yards and head back up to Sylva for the ride. Got to the shop just before they closed, and found out my bike shipped on Friday. Should be there tomorrow? Gonna take the Flyte in so they can set it up to same specs. I thought about having a fit, but I don’t wanna mess around this close to IMFL. Will do that over the winter. We were reduced numbers, but still about a dozen. Probably a result of Labor Day schedules. The upside of this is I made podium on both the KOM going up and the sprint coming down. I was a very, very distant third in both, but hey… podium is podium!

Oh, and I can stop using weight gain as an excuse for getting schooled on the climbs. There’s a scale at the FH&F and I’m spot on 160. Which means I’ve actually dropped a few since I moved here. Will have to find another excuse.

Weight Problem

This post is perhaps a bit pre-mature but I’ve been thinking about something the last few days. What does one do when they don’t want/have/need to lose any more weight? It’s a good problem to have, to be sure. Anybody reading this who isn’t in that position will probably hate me and post derogatory comments.

Comment away.

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While some guys I know have found a way to lose roughly a pound a day, I have managed to find a way to not budge one way or the other for over a month. The trend line over the past 30 days is absolutely flat.


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6 Pounds in 6 Days

Too funny. According to the scale, I’ve lost 6 pounds in 6 days. While that may certainly be possible for somebody severely overweight, for me it simply ain’t. What I did was gain 4 pounds in the preceding 5 days. So what I really did was lose 2 in 11, with a huge retention following a “pig out day” for Vickie’s 40th birthday party. The party pig out was by design, and I expected to gain/retain for a while afterwards. But the amount and length of time still surprised me.

The faint orange line below is what the scale actually said. The red line is what I input into DietPower because I had to fake the software out. It was reducing my calories too far to try and get me back on track, when I knew it was just a matter of time. Even now after dropping it back off, the 30 day trend is still projecting me about 2 pounds higher than where I’ll actually be. The cool thing about the program though, is that it will self correct over time. It doesn’t make drastic adjustments just because there are daily fluctuations.

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Double Distance

So.. it’s the beginning of Week 2 of my CP2SDT (Couch Potato to Sprint Distance Triathlon) training program. Time for things to really start getting serious, right? Well… not exactly.

It’s kinda funny how easy it is to double a workout distance when the distances you’re dealing with are so ridiculously small. It wasn’t much of a step (get it?) to go from .2 to .4, and only going up to .3 seemed a little silly. Besides, a 2x repeat of .4 run/.1 walk is a nice, even mile.

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I’m a Friggin’ Dunce!

So after my Genious rating in the Diet Power software, the last few days the best I have managed is a ‘C’. Sure was fun though.

I figure if I’m going to do something as ridiculously hard as Columbus Fall Challenge, I’m eatin’ crap! Why else do ride? Besides, how the hell does one eat 6000 calories worth of spinach? That’s 500 cups, in case you were wondering.