Rev3 Anderson – Race Day

It seems like these race day blogs should start with something like, “The alarm went off at [insert ungodly hour here] o’clock, and …” Lately however, I don’t need an alarm. I’m up all night, or get a minimal about of sleep in restless 30-45 minute blocks. More like napping than sleeping. The night before Rev3 Anderson was no exception. I actually fell asleep early, before midnight. Unfortunately, I was awake again before midnight. Or maybe it was from midnight to 1am. Hell, I don’t remember. All I know is that I got about two hours of sleep, about 3 hours apart, and spent most of my night trying to figure out ways to fall asleep. In any case, I was up at 5AM, a half hour before I needed to be up.


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“Taper” Two: Week One

I’d call this past week a taper week, but it would more accurately be labeled an “I’m In So Much Pain This Is All I Can Do Week”. Anderson Half Iron is approaching rapidly. A three week “taper” may seem too long, but it really isn’t a taper so much as recovery week from Avl. Half, then a huge century, then recovery week from huge century, then a “Do Whatever The Hell Feels Good” week.

Here’s a brief (for once) summary of how Week One went down.

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Asheville Half Taper Week

After finishing the Villainous Viper, I had one week until the start of the Asheville Half Marathon. After having decided to set a time goal for the Half and take it a little more seriously than I had originally intended, I figured I’d better spend the week making sure I got enough recovery and “taper” time.

And in case that sounds a little bit like being on a “training” schedule, trust me… it wasn’t. I was mostly just goofing off.

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What’s “Tropical” Got To Do With It?

Last Wednesday Emily and I went out to Lake Logan for the second-to-last Asheville Tri Club Swim. There were only six of us this past week and the numbers have fallen off quickly since the Lake Logan Triathlon, five weeks ago. This coming Wednesday is the last, and after that I’ll have to resort to swimming at the Rush until the Half Iron is over. It was about 20 degrees cooler than the previous week and it had rained roughly a half a foot in the past 72 hours thanks to Tropical Depression Lee slowly making it’s way up from the Gulf and over the eastern US. The result? What was “kinda chilly” water the previous week turned into “Damn, that’s cold!” water. Even in my wetsuit I noticed how cold the water was and it wasn’t comfortable until I got the heart rate up. Emily does not own a wetsuit but fortunately was spared by another ATC member who had an extra in her car. It was cold enough that she probably would have had to sit on the dock and wait, otherwise risking hypothermia.

So a “tropical” storm comes through and we end up with blue fingers and toes. Go figure.

The Demise Of Summer

It’s Labor Day weekend. There’s a ton of rain on the way. I probably won’t do anything even remotely related to exercise in the next couple days. And even though there was little or no rain in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday, I decided to start early and go on a 4-day binge of what I recently coined “Endurance Loafing”.

Prior to this extended period of time off, I got in some runs, some riding and the weekly swim, most of which were at easy effort levels, Friday’s run being the lone exception.

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Breakaway Aftermath

To say I was a bit tired after my Supersized Blue Ridge Breakaway ride would be an understatement. Surprisingly though, on Sunday I was not near as sore or uncomfortable as I thought I might be. Of course, there was always Monday’s TDATDA to look forward to, but for the afternoon I felt good enough to go out for a super easy downtown commute. I started out by heading to Carrier Park to see a friend’s softball team play in one of their tournament games. Unfortunately was an elimination game and I got there just as their first game ended with a 24-20 loss.

Yes, that’s what I thought… huge score for a softball game!

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Wetsuits Rock. Er… Float

Last Wednesday, I went out to Lake Logan for the third week in a row of group swims with the Asheville Tri Club. Emily and I rode out together and did both a swim and a short run. This time was a little bit different than the first two weeks, since I wore a wetsuit. I haven’t put one on since Ironman Florida. The first difference was immediately noticeable.

It was… umm… a little snug.

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