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Earlier this evening Cindy and I were discussing whether I’d be doing any traithlons as training, in particular a half Ironman. I assume so, but haven’t looked at a calendar or gotten into specifics. That’s still a little too far off. I don’t know what my run training will look like.

But I have added a couple more ride events to 2009. Both are revivals of sorts:

ICEntennial 2.5

I’m going back to doing an Indoor Century in January. Using the Spinervals Hardcore 100 DVDs. I’m calling it 2.5 because it’s not quite a 3rd Annual. I won’t even bother recalling the ill-fated 2008 version, but I DID do it twice in 2007. So as far as I’m concerned, I’m two for two.

The date is set for Saturday, January 17. That’s merely to get it up on the calendar. I put it on the middle Saturday of 5, but it’s only “penciled in”. It may be as early as the 3rd, if Cindy goes off on a girl’s adventure to Mississippi do a half-marathon. (don’t ask me, I have no idea) It may be as late as the 31st.

This is all I know for sure:

  • It will be in January.
  • It will be a Saturday morning.
  • It is open to anybody who’s interested and has the stones.
  • I’m doing it regardless. The front door is open.
  • There will be apple fritters (and other donuts, and… cookies!).
  • At 4 fours and roughly 50 minutes, Coach Troy will say, “Remember, this is all voluntary”.
  • I will hate him for saying it.

Stay tuned.

Livestrong Challenge – Philadelphia

If you read the Fat Cyclist’s blog, you know that he is organizing a Team Fatty for the Livestrong Challenge, to benefit his wife Susan, who is in a fight for her life against cancer. I have felt a certain kinship with Fatty (Elden) for as long as I’ve been reading his blog, and mention it regularly. I continue to wear my Livestrong band for a number of people, but for Susan and Elden in particular. Even though I’ve never met them.

This is a revival for me in that I’ve done done two of the MS150 charity rides and it has been a couple years since I have done one. I have wanted to do a Livestrong Challenge, and had been waiting to see if a 5th, Midwest edition might be added. So far that hasn’t happened. With the announcement by Elden that he wants to not only put a team together, but to attempt to shatter fundraising and team participation records, I was immediately on board. Team Fatty is going to be created for not one, but all four Challenges. Philadelphia is far, but it’s not that far. No further than Albany training camps, or the Ironman in Panama City. And this goes far beyond personal goals and ride adventures.

I’m hopefully going to be getting involved on a larger level than merely registering and riding, but I’ll save that for when it develops. I’d love to have company for the trip, the weekend, and the ride. I’d also love to see contributions from friends and readers of my blog to help Team Fatty and the Livestrong organization.

Again… stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “New Events Added

  • November 16, 2008 at 8:49 am

    You used the magic word. How could I NOT do the indoor century? Pencil me in. If I’m not moved away by then, I’ll do it.

  • November 16, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    That’s one sucker.. er, I mean ‘participant’.

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