Floyd: Which is it?

Saw this today on Bicycling.com:

Floyd Racing?

Landis could end up racing this year after Pound asks French to temporarily suspend its investigationBy AFP Direct
©James Startt

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Jan 24, 2007:

It’s hard to imagine, but recent developments in the Floyd Landis case could make it possible for the 2006 Tour de France champion to race in 2007…

That’s interesting, because just yesterday I read this on cyclingnews.com:

Landis doesn’t expect to compete in 2007

By Susan Westemeyer

“I’ve pretty much written off this season,” Floyd Landis said in an interview on the American ESPN TV network. He claimed that he and his lawyers are frustrated by delays in bringing his case to the anti-doping arbitration panel, noting that a date has still not yet been set.

I guess the difference is bicycling.com sent out information in a newsletter dated Feb. 1 that references an article from over a week ago.Don’t know what to think about any of this, except that any ‘news’ reported on these websites is essentially worthless and will change daily due to the lack of communication by any of the parties involved. As for anything written in the respective magazines? Unlike Playboy, “I only buy them for the articles photos”.It’s not cycling, it’s a circus. And I’m beginning to think it is all by design to keep the publicity machine rolling.

At least it’s entertaining… sorta.