August Roundup

Towards the end of August and into September I started a preview of the Citizen-Times Marathon route. I split it into three parts and did roughly one third on consecutive weekends.

But I’m going to skip those for now and put them all in one Marathon Prep post.

On to the end of August…

8/27 Tuesday: Short Beverly Hills Run – Recovery run from the house over and around part of the golf course. Only about 2.5 miles, just enough to shake out the legs. I think for some reason I was in a bad mood that day, but can’t remember why. Whatever it was, I must have felt better by the time I got back.

8/28 Wednesday: Pounding Pavement to Bent Creek – Did another one of those 30 mile roundtrip rides from the house to Bent Creek on the MTB just to ride 10 miles of trail. I hate putting a bike in the car, but that ride home after the singletrack really does kinda suck. Maybe I’ll have to consider putting together a bike that can handle gravel and at least a little bit of the easier trails, but has smoother tires for faster pavement riding.

8/29 Thursday: Easy Trail Run – We did a shorter and easier 6 mile run with the Jus Running crew.

The last two days of August are in separate posts.