Runnin’ The Guadalupe River Trail

Two years ago I attended NetSuite’s SuiteWorld Conference in San Francisco. As part of the trip I scheduled a little bit of extra personal time and rented a cheap hybrid bike for 24 hours. In 24 hours I covered roughly 50 miles, exploring many corners of the city, seeing a lot of San Fran/Bay Area highlights, and visited a number of San Fransisco’s brewpubs. It was a blast, and I covered that trip in two posts, starting with How TO Tour San Francisco – Part I Fast forward to 2013 – once again I would be attending the SuiteWorld Conference. This time however, it was in San Jose, rather than San Francisco. And this time I didn’t schedule a little bit of extra time after the conference…

I scheduled a five day vacation.

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Return to Jus Runnin’s Group Trail Run

Let’s see… where I last left off the stories, I had ridden all over Asheville looking at houses, both little ones for myself and Julienne and big ones like the Biltmore Estate. After a couple days off I headed into Bent Creek for the usual Wednesday ride with whoever showed up. It’s May 5th and I’m writing about April 11th. My memory for these things keeps getting shorter and the time it takes me to write about it keeps getting longer. Honestly can’t remember who showed up, or if I rode alone.

But I DO remember who showed up the next day.

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Bent Creek “Spring” Week

As we all know, while the first day of spring may have been on March 20th, the first week of spring felt more like mid-winter. Here at my place in Bent Creek, the first and only measurable snow in two years happened during the week, although it still wasn’t much of a snow… in fact I’m not even sure if it was measurable.

Regardless, Old Man Winter refused to let us go.

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Cleveland Trip: Runnin In The Rain

Last week, I made a fairly short notice trip up to our Developer’s offices in Willoughby Hills, northeast of Cleveland. Whenever I make the Cleveland trips it is a bit of a struggle to get any exercise in, due to both lack of time and lack of bikes. I only make these trips about once a year, so it’s not too much of a concern, but I do like to find ways to stay active when traveling for any reason. In the past I have solved this issue by fitting longer, more intense activities around the trip, so that it makes sense to give myself some rest days. I then do short runs around the neighborhood of my friend and coworker Jerome. Last year I also borrowed Jerome’s MTB to go explore for a few hours. Just prior to this trip I made a few discoveries.

An indoor mountain bike park and a nearby trail network.

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Asheville Marathon Training: The Biltmore 18

So much for not ever running above 10 miles again. And for that matter, so much for giving up running altogether. I managed to last about three months after making that claim, but was intent on doing the Shut-In. I managed to stick to the Under 10 rule until the actual race, which was 19 miles (traditional 18 + 1 additional mile to get to the weather-modified finish). Despite having some trouble with cramping and shin splints during the race, I had no significant issues or injuries as a result of Shut-In.

So I signed up for a marathon.

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Asheville Marathon Training: The Biltmore 15

While I was in Denver, I bumped my running mileage from 10 up to 12 miles. It was a fairly easy 12. Given the much flatter terrain, that 12 was easier than a typical Bent Creek 10. The next step in my training “plan” was to bump up to 15 miles. Normally I wouldn’t increase by more than 2 miles at a time but I only wanted to do two runs longer than a half marathon.

I call this my Plantar Faciitis Avoidance Plan.

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