This is basically the story of my life from the perspective of cycling, or ‘riding bikes’, since I certainly never considered myself to be a cyclist when I was a kid. I’m not sure I even consider myself a cyclist now!

The individual pages include significant events during various stages of life, as they have shaped me into the person who is currently known as Dobovedo. Click on the section titles to view:

Early Days

My first bike; other bikes; early rides & races; what riding meant to me.

College Daze

New hobbies; Cycling and the City; stolen – the fate of my favorite bike

Stormy Weather

A dark period of weight gain, poor health, ‘mental’ problems and other nastiness.

(I include this information not because I really enjoy talking about it, but it is significant in that it is largly what motivates me to ride today.)


Decisions; a diet fad leads to a new outlook

Bump in the Road

A big scare and a ‘minor’ procedure

A Little Thing Called Fred’s Ride

What happened one day in June 2004