Marathon Mileage Bump

Started looking at the calendar and noticed that the Asheville (Citizen-Times) Marathon is coming up in just a few weeks. Although I’m not training up to the same distances for this marathon as I did for the one at Biltmore last March, I figured it’s time to start pushing up the mileage a bit.

I figure I’ll be really well prepared for a half marathon, and then I’ll just have to wing the rest of it.

Hey, it could work!

8/19 Monday: Parkway Closure Exploration – Went for a stroll up to Bull Gap after work, more or less because I couldn’t think of anything exciting to do. I had mentioned it on a Cyclists Facebook group and got one maybe taker… a friend of a friend named Michael. He said he might be at Folk Art Center around 5:30. I knew him by reputation only, so wasn’t entirely sure who I was looking for. A guy on a bike isn’t too hard to find.. except when there is more than one. As I popped down on the Parkway from Bull Mtn. Rd. I saw a rider heading uphill towards Haw Creek Overlook. Hmm… is that Michael? Should I go north or south? I opted for both. Rode south to the FAC, took a quick look and didn’t see one, so I went back to the north and chased uphill, hoping to catch the rider. I closed the gap and had a feeling it wasn’t who I was looking for. I was pretty sure Michael, based on reputation, would be riding faster. I caught up to the guy and asked, and sure enough it wasn’t him.

Now it was well past 5:30 but I rode back down to the FAC and looked around again. Once more I didn’t see anyone so I assumed Michael had made another ride plan. I met him later in the week, and as it turns out, he was there. Although I don’t know which time. In any case, I rode on up to Bull Gap, making my second ascent to Haw Creek Overlook in a half hour (uggh), and then came back down, totaling about 24 miles.

8/20 Tuesday: Highland Run – The Asheville Runners Meetup was again at Highland Brewing. This time I opted to run there, and then would make one of two options: I’d either do the three mile loop and go back to Highland for a pint, then run home. Or, I’d do the 5 mile loop but cut it short and run home without going back to Highland. Either way I’d end up with about 7 miles. At the split between the two loops, I ended up deciding on the five mile loop, deciding that while I might be fine with riding a bike home from a brewpub, I really didn’t have any interest in running home from one.

8/21 Wednesday: Bent Creek Middle Rim Gravel Grinder – More rain on Tuesday night and into Wednesday, so the group ride opted for a gravel loop. I rode over and back as well and ended up with what is now becoming a fairly typical 45 mile Wednesday evening “mountain” bike ride.

8/22 Thursday: Bent Creek Jus’ Running Group – 1.25 mile warmup loop, then a slightly longer that usual group run with the gang. Total of 10.75 miles.

8/23 Friday: Pivot Bike Demo Day – Hopped on the Tricross and rode over to Motion Makers to try out a Pivot demo bike. Not for any particular reason other than it seemed like fun to ride a different brand of bike. I opted for what I believe was a carbon 429? full suspension. It was kind of a halfway between my Epic and a Stumpjumper… longer travel and somewhat softer ride. I took it up and back on Wolf Branch and Ingles Field Gap. Although it was a pretty fun ride, I didn’t really feel any great passion for it… certainly not missing anything with the bikes that I already own. About the only thing it made me realize is that at some point I might.. might.. like to have a more all mountain, long travel, squishy “Pisgah bike”.

Maybe… like if I won one in a raffle. Sure can’t see spending any money on one.