NYC Trip: “A Bridge (Not) Too Far”

After picking up the rental bike I pedaled my way back to the hotel, once again going down Broadway, right through the center of Times Square. That was fun, dodging my way through cabs and busses and pedestrians and tourists – all the Manhattan traffic that normally exists in the middle of a weekday.

Yeah, that’s right… it was FUN.

That’s because I was doing it optionally, and only for a couple days. Just for the experience. If I had to live like this I’m sure I’d go insane in relatively short order.

Back at the hotel I traded my sweat soaked running clothes for some dry riding clothes, loaded up a backpack and headed out for an afternoon of exploring along the Hudson River. The Hudson River Greenway going north towards the GW bridge. I wasn’t entirely sure of my plan, except that I was going to meet up with Brian at some point during the ride, thinking I might head over towards his place in the UES. I did a whole lot of stopping and photographing as I went, even more than I budgeted for, so the ride towards the GW took far longer than I thought it would. I was delayed even further by getting a flat on the rental bike while riding through some rough gravel. I was carrying spare tubes, which mistakenly were presta instead of schraeder valves, but seemed to work OK. In the meantime Brian had headed out from his place and caught up to me just as I was getting to the point where I’d have to figure out how to get from the river trail up onto the bridge deck.

Yeah, it’s a lot more difficult than one might think. Just because you can see the big huge bridge does not mean you can sort out how to get onto it when it’s a few hundred feet above you. The maze of streets and ramps it took to get there was pretty complicated and signage was lacking.

Anyway… Brian and I rode up and across the GW over to Jersey, then spent a little time checking out views of Manhattan from some of the parks on the other side. We then rolled back over the bridge and headed back in towards Central Park, where we parted ways, me heading back toward the hotel to reunite with Julienne. The total ride was roughly 30 miles at an average moving speed of only 11mph.. super casual, given that other than the bridge ramps, there was almost no elevation change.

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